MSDS Powerup!
The worst readers are those who behave like plundering troops: they take away a few things they can use, dirty and confound the remainder, and revile the whole.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Our job at 'Database Central' is to ensure that our current software portfolio is up to date & relevant and to source future technological investments that are compatible with our current information technology (IT) systems; this process allows us to leverage our IT systems to provide additional customer benefits. For example, the purchase of a new labeller allowed us to upgrade our labels to produce a better print quality and stability, this coupled with some new safety data sheet management software and the integration into our current IT architecture has provided a substantial improvement in the way that material safety data sheets are produced, managed and stored for our customers. No more paper, highly available, always current, no more document management for our customers because we do it all! Just point any smart phone, with a camera, at the label of any of our products, and you will have instant, direct access to the relevant document; this is made possible by our on-line document library. This library is exclusively owned and managed by (Waterfall & O'Brien Ltd), this means our management team have total control over these documents; their content can only be changed and published via dedicated software with controlled access. As our customer it is important to us that you know how this process because, by storing the document locally you may be working with out of date information.

As a manufacturer of specialty chemicals we are dedicated to producing the best quality products we can, we do this by controlling the quality of our raw materials, following manufacturing procedures and testing the final product to ensure it performs correctly for its' intended purpose (GMP). As a customer, we transfer the product to you in a regulatory compliant labelled container, with supporting documentation, including Material Safety Data Sheets and, as such these form an integral part of the complete product. As a supplier of substances that may be hazardous to health, it is important to us that you have constant, immediate acces to the most up to date information regarding your products when you need it. The QR Codes on our product label will give you a secure, encrypted access to the most up to date information on that product. USE IT!

Be IT savvy, get your smart phone out, scan the product label QR Code and get the relevant MSDS document straight to your phone directly from our library.